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Chrono Trigger
     The Magus Hunted LuMa, ChronoMarle, GlenQueen R for violence
      One year after the defeat of Lavos, Magus continues his search for his sister, and in the process must ally himself with Frog again.
Devil May Cry/Resident Evil crossover
     Leon S. Kennedy is Dead Dante/Leon, Trish/Lady R
      An outbreak of mutations and zombies bring Dante and Leon together. Again. Seems they have a rather intimate history.
     Strawberries, Ice Cream, Whipped Cream and a Taste Dante/Leon, Trish/Lady R
      (vignette) Sequel to Leon S. Kennedy is Dead.
Dragon Ball Z
     Approaching Storm Tr/Gt NC-17
      Trunks and Goten rush to experience each other one more time before their relationship is exposed. Short written for the yaoi challenge.
     Budoven Gk/Vg, Tr/Gt NC-17
      Vegeta's past comes back to haunt him every day--memories of a lost culture, vulnerabilities he can't shake off, a royal bearing crushed under abuse and cruelty. This time his past comes back in the form of old enemies that destroy worlds.
     The Great Saiyaman and the Legion of Terror + Return of the Legion of Terror + The Great Saiyaman and the Two Legions of Terror Gk/Vg, Tr/Gt, Pi/Gh R
      Vegeta and Piccolo actually agree on something for a change, but it doesn't bode well for Gohan. Half-comedy, half-angst, all superhero action.
     Kakarrot's Mask Gk/Vg R
      Vegeta and Goku on Mardi Gras night. Chinese translation by topbear1974
     Silfrenel + Yousha Gk/Vg, Tr/Gt R
      An evil tentacle beast arrives from space. Sorry, no tentacle sex. Later, the sequel as Krillin thinks Vegeta's manipulating Goku.
     Simplification Vg/Gk NC-17
      Vegeta gets what he wants, but not the way he wanted. Features awkward sex.
     Spaceflight, Snowfall n/a G
      Vegeta angst as he longs for something from his past. Then it's sequel with Vegeta angst and a little conversation during a snowfall.
     Strange New World Gk/Vg, Tr/Gt, Pi/Gh R
      Vegeta's actions will have far flung consequences and repercussions of a universal nature, moving heaven and hfll to protect those dearest to him.
     Sunset's Tide Gh/MTr NC-17
      Gohan teaches Trunks to trust him through sensual beachside bondage.
     Vegeta's Horror Show Gk/Vg, pre-Tr/Gt R
      Goku shows Vegeta the true meaning of Christmas--I mean Halloween!
Dragon Booster
     Decepshun's Shadow (WIP) Artha/Moordryd PG-13
      An accident on the race track brings a little darkness to Penn stables.
Gundam Wing
     Meow Miao 1x2 3x4 3x4x5 PG
      Duo, a bottle of Neko pills, and Wufei's glass of water equal adorable fluffiness.
     Skirting the Issue 1+2 3+4 5+13+TM PG-13
      The Gundam boys are thrown into an alternate dimension where they must alter their tactics to face their foe. The summary is far more intelligent than the fic.
     Relena's A Stalker! Heero's Gay! Yaoi Yaoi Yaoi 1x2 3x4 13x5x6 DxH NxS NC-17
      Say it loud, say it proud, say it at the top of your lungs.
      Treize Is A Two-Timer! Wufei's Gay! Yaoi Yaoi Yaoi 13x5 13x6 13x5x6 R
      Treize has a lover who is fiery and passionate, a lover who is calm and collected. Then they both meet.
     Gundam Wing: Willing Slave saga1x2 3x4 13x5 6x9 RxD SxU NC-17
      A mess of epics sprawling from when the boys are Preventers and Treize suddenly reappears to distant history of sand and sorcery. Won a Nanashi award.
Harry Potter
     Life Led by MoonlightHarry/Draco PG
      After the war, Harry learns that vampirism only makes his lover more of a wild brat.
      Oath Breaker (director's cut) HP/DM, LM/SS R
      At the start of seventh year, the Malfoys perform a dramatic double-cross and Draco educates Harry about what exactly dark magic is. (complete) Russian translation by Weis. Chinese translation by Persiancat. German translation by Catia la Mar.
      Oath Breaker 1/2: White Roses Beneath Snow LM/NM/SS R
      Severus has been hurt badly in his life. Narcissa fulfills an arranged marriage barely knowing her new husband. Both claimed by Lucius, Severus and Narcissa work out their places in the Malfoy family and with each other. Takes place years before Oath Breaker I, around the time of Draco's birth.
      Oath Breaker II: Dawn and Twilight (WIP) HP/DM, LM/SS R
      Harry learns to live with the Malfoys. The Malfoys learn to live with Harry. The rest of the world learns to deal.
      Paper Dragons (director's cut) HP/DM PG
      Draco-centric one-shot, pre-slash, where Draco works on catching something rather precious to him. Russian translation by Daarhon
      Snake in Wolf's Clothing (WIP) Harry/Draco R
      As the Order of the Phoenix uses the House of Black as their headquarters in the war, Harry answers a call for help and gains three most unexpected allies.
     Spoils of War (WIP) HP/DM NC-17
      After Lucius and Draco are wrongly cast into slavery by the Ministry, Harry and Severus buy their respective Malfoys back from those who would hurt them.
     Wings Eclipsing Night (WIP) Harry/Draco hard R
      After the final battle against Voldemort, Harry searches the ruins of the Ministry and discovers a lone survivor. (dark!Harry, veela!Draco) (changed the series title; used to be Beneath A Shattered Fountain)
     Vipers Ascendant (WIP) Harry/Draco hard R
      The war is over. The Death Eaters have won. At the end of the final battle, Harry Potter lies helpless at Draco Malfoy's feet. (very dark, rated R for disturbing imagery)
     Broken WingsSarah/Jareth R for violence
      Injured and cast out from his labyrinth, Jareth finds help in the most unlikely of places.
Pixie Hollow
     Dangers of Pixie Hollow Vidia/Prilla R
      A drabble look at Prilla's exposure to some of the dangers of Pixie Hollow
     Honeysuckle Vidia/Prilla implied R
      Stealing honey from the bees is dangerous. It's even more nervewracking with all of Pixie Hollow watching.
     Vidia Beyond the Dragon's Breath Vidia/Prilla implied R
      When the dragon Kyto escapes his prison, Queen Clarion knows the fairy to help save Neverland. But will Vidia help when to do so means risking her life?
Resident Evil
     Master and Chris and Tuna Wesker/Chris/Leon R
      Leon's new life is punctuated by bad memories and nightmares of a time that he didn't have cat ears, Chris didn't have a dog tail, and both of them hated their loving master.
Tales of the Abyss
     Saints of Lorelei (WIP) Luke/Asch, Peony/Jade R
      When Luke fon Fabre returned from their last fight, he was disoriented and unstable. Under Peony's command, Jade works a minor miracle. Plus politics.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
     Battle Frenzy (Poetry) n/a PG
      Leonardo's mental state during a fight.
     Casting Stones at the River: 100 Ficlets OT4 G - NC-17
      How long do mutant turtles live? Glimpses into the past, present and future.
     City Chase light pre-Mike/Leo PG
      Batman's in New York again, and finds out how hard it is to chase down one turtle. sequel to Bat in Turtle Alley
     Clogged Drains (WIP) n/a R
      Bodies of water were once doorways between this world and the next. Living in an old water treatment plant means being there when the doorway opens. A TMNT ghost story.
     Falling Out of Clouds n/a G
      Leonardo jumps off the Empire State building. When he was thirteen.
      Flamer Series:
           Slings and Stitches
           Cans of Chicken Soup
           A Little Poetry in the Night
           Wisps of Darkness
multi R
      The flamers didn't believe me when I said I'd write a 'cest ficlet for every fic they flamed. This set of fics is entirely due to the anti-cesters.
     Hidden in Sunlight (WIP) OT4 R
      When the family begins to break down, the turtles draw closer than ever to protect themselves.
     Lantern on the River's Edge (Poetry) n/a PG
      Leonardo's state of mind as he practices alone at night
     Mike/Leo drabble set + The Fool and the Hanged Man + Chain of Candles + Nine Minutes Mike/Leo R
      Michelangelo struggles with his brother's rules about when they can be together. Told in a set of ficlets, with small meditations/pr0n interludes.
     Miracle OT4 PG-13
      Raphael, Leonardo and Donatello can't remember how they got home. And where's Michelangelo? A subtly supernatural Christmas ghost story.
     Nara Black Curse: Mirror's Shadow In My Skin Leo/Don, Mike/Raph PG-13
      AU. In Edo Japan, Leonardo and Donatello race to lift Karai's curse on Raphael. Based off Crabapplered's sublime artwork. (collaboration fic with crabapplered)
     Problem Solving n/a G
      The theft of Donatello's old math books brings past hurts to light.
     Rainy Day Friends + Clouds Clearing Away Usagi/Leo PG-13
      Usagi comes to Leonardo for help after he is attacked by an unknown enemy, with sequel as Leonardo and Usagi meet again to take part in the Battle Nexus Tournament..
     Red and White Meditation (Poetry) n/a PG
      Leonardo duels an unknown enemy on Christmas Eve, described in a series of haiku
     Skittern/a PG-13
      The jungle was worse than the lair in one regard. A look at the turtle's childhood and a not commonly spoken of issue in the sewers.
     Superstitiousn/a PG-13
      The most logical of turtles descends into brutal superstition at night when no one else can see.
     Raph/Leo ficlets + Twisted Autumn + Candles + He Doesn't Scream Raph/Leo R
      Raphael defeats Leonardo in a fight and presses his advantage. Told in a set of ficlets. Sequel as Raphael and Leonardo head to the farm to explore what they are.Korean translation by Seon Lion.
     Round Two n/a R
      A brief look at how turtle OT4'ing gets started.
     Sleeping Alone + To Forget Dreams Leo+siblings R
      Slash implications. Leonardo rarely sleeps in his own bed. Then a companion story to Sleeping Alone, this time from Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael's perspective.
     Stumbling in Fog n/a R
      Leonardo and Michelangelo are kidnapped, and the van they're in crashes in the small, sleepy town of Silent Hill. (crossover)
     Sweet Sins + Kalamari OT4 R
      A hidden candy stash, a guilty thief, and a mystery. Turtle anatomy...it's not just for awesome sex. (crossover)
     Turtle Soup + Over Bamboo n/a PG-13
      Torturing Donatello set: Shredder always threatened to make turtle soup. Tonight he's caught a turtle. Later, Donatello suffers a unique kind of impalement.
     A Visit to Ireland * Leo/Venus PG-13
      Our heroes head to Ireland to help a damsel in distress against boggles, night creatures and seriously dark monsters.
     Essays: Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo and Splinter n/a n/a
Korean translation by Seon Lion
     Spilling Shadow Magic n/a PG-13
Thor sets out to battle the on Svartalfheim, as requested by Queen Alflyse. However, dangerous magics are in play and the thunder god now spurns the aid of Loki, who must waste time in holmgang while Thor risks his life.
     The Saga of Loki and the Wyrms of Titan n/a PG-13
Loki does what he does best – make trouble and have someone get him out of it again. In this chapter, a dungeon escape and a bit of a family spat. (Takes place after Avengers) (warning: tear jerker)
Vampire Princess Miyu
     White Flowers n/a PG-13
      Miyu meets a young boy who's just lost a pet. (warning: tear jerker)
(various) Alphabet Drabble Memevarious PG
(DMC/RE) Zombie DemonsDante/Leon PG
(Star Wars) Scalding HothHan/Wedge NC-17
(Ranma 1/2) Noodles and Rose Petals Ranma/Ryouga PG
(no fandom) Snake and Rockssnake/rocks n/a
(Gundam Wing) Holding Pattern3x4x5 NC-17
(Gundam Wing) Lonesome2x5 PG
(Kingdom Hearts 2) Sweet Satisfaction, For the Queen!, Stars Devouringn/a R
(Kingdom Hearts 2) Fighting in the Sand, Dark and Stormy Nights, Storm PassingSora/Riku PG
(TMNT) A Bat in Turtle Alley, Knitting, Take a Mulligan (with loolaa art), In Their Sleepnone PG
(TMNT) Dragon Without Eyes, He Doesn't ScreamLeo/Raph PG
(TMNT) Lio, Round Two turtlecest OT4 PG
(TMNT) Ninja Afraid of the Dark (with loolaa art)Leo/Mike PG
(TMNT) SuperstitiousDon G
(Harry Potter) Never Love NeverDumbledore/Voldemort PG
(Harry Potter) Under the Stairsn/a PG
(Harry Potter) Snake in the Dark (Spanish translation by Velia)Harry/Draco R
the Essay Essay: the five paragraph formula essay from title to conclusion and everything in between n/a PG
Fight Scene Tutorial: a basic how-to introduction n/a PG-13
BDSM Tutorial: you know more than you think you do n/a NC-17
Horror Tutorial: How to write a horror fic. n/a PG-13
Just Another Rant on Concrit: what masquerades as 'constructive' n/a n/a
What does it take to be a writer?: Talent, practice and self-awareness. n/a n/a
Rape the Goddess: warping female nature: perfectly-positive goddesses, utopian matriarchies and evil witchesn/a R

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