KC (kc_anathema) wrote,

Drabble: LxR

“Fearless.” “Splinter Jr.” “Stick in the mud.” After crossing the city for half the night, enduring one snark after another, Leonardo turned on Raphael. Jumped him, knocked him hard to the cement of whatever rooftop they happened to be on…

“What the hell–” Raphael growled, rising up on his elbows. “You cheap son of a…”

Raphael’s jaw snapped closed when he saw his brother’s look. His eyes widened as his brother knelt down in front of him, hands on Raphael’s thighs to pin him down. Raphael’s face flushed hot down into his shell, his breath caught, and then his head fell back, no longer in control of himself.

When Leonardo finished and stood, rubbing his knuckles against the corner of his mouth, he glared at Raphael until his brother stood up, refusing to meet his look, following silently as his face continued to burn.
Tags: drabble, tmnt drabble, turtlecest
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