KC (kc_anathema) wrote,

A Heads Up

It feels a little weird to do this because I don't really feel bad per se. I'm not deleting my LJ, but I am cancelling anymore payments. I will likely update on rare occasions when I finish chapters here or there, but I barely see anyone from the past still posting here. Not too surprising, considering the "new" management of the past few years.

So if anyone wants to grab any of my old icons, images, pics, etc., best to check my scrapbook before Nov. 2014. Everything will vanish that month.
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Will you continue to post? Or will updates appear somewhere else?
Definitely continue to post updates here, but that's probably about it. I guess this'll become more of a fic journal now.
Thanks! But I would really miss your commentary on the world. Your diary entries are a high point for me--where, if anywhere, would you be posting that?
<3 I don't post as much of the spitfire stuff as I used to, but when I do, it's usually on tumblr.
Thanks! (goes off to figure out tunblr)
Are you registered under the same name? Or would you have a link somewhere I overlooked?
Gah, my bad! I'm http://kc-anathema.tumblr.com/ there.
I'm here for fic, as always.
saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. I love your commentary.
Thanks for the heads up. It will probably take me quite a while to go through your scrapbook, so I appreciate the notice.

Have you considered using AO3 for fic archiving? FF recently removed support for the program I used to download stories, while AO3 has it built in. AO3 seems to be much more user friendly.
I keep wanting to avoid it just because I'm so tired of putting my stories up in various areas, but more and more, people are moving there. Eventually I may have to break down and put my stuff there. But I'm also putting my fics on my own weebly site, so the html at least is downloadable.
I'm pretty much using LJ as a fic vault because it's the one place where I don't worry about someone deciding to delete one of my posts. Other than that and checking for updates to your stories, I'm not here much either. There have just been too many problems with this site. I spend most of my time on dA because the community there is so large and vibrant, even though every once in a while an ass hat pops up. We've gotten pretty good at chasing them off!
Likewise, although I'm refraining from dA. Congrats on defending the territory, though. I admit, I sometimes miss the drama of a good slaughtering of jerks.
Adding you here since your DW disappeared. I'm Doro there.