KC (kc_anathema) wrote,

I swear, she sounds like a Christian Dolores Umbridge

“Some of the new White Trash religions people concoct are parody-worthy but at the same time not a laughing matter. Goddess worship is all the rage, and its devotees fondly believe they are following something quite ancient. But they are deluded. For one thing, they got their goddess all wrong. The girls on the popular ’90s TV show Friends called on the goddess for help getting dates. Feminist goddess worshippers go howl at the moon, or some such foolishness, to invoke her.”

-White Trash Religion in a Nutshell: Proud, Ignorant, And Messy

My god did this one just piss me the fuck off. I left the long comment at the end of it, but damn if this ain’t the biggest reason I stopped being Republican and went full on Libertarian.

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