KC (kc_anathema) wrote,

Reminds me of the idiot who defriended me.

Literally defriended me over me saying that Damon Salvatore was a predator and anyone who dated him should be prepared to be abused because--srsly--vampires hunt and kill people.

If You're Dating a Vampire, You're Doing It Wrong

What have we learned, children? That dating a vampire, even incredibly hot and wooby ones like Damon, is incredibly stupid and really just an indulgent fantasy. He's not even human--people look at him and think, oh, he looks human so he must retain some human elements. No, nothing! Barely even the shell of a human. He's an intelligent animal. That's why he's awesome. That's also why he's not date material.

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Team Human

Friends don't let friends date vampires.