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Have I mentioned lately that I carry grudges?


So I got curious about how Luke Skywalker was able to talk to R2-D2, see if there was an actual explanation. No, I didn't go to Wookiepedia 'cause...well, I'm not that curious. I have my own mental canon and those nerds are just a bit more strict with what their lord and master Lucas (spit) says. But I was curious enough for a google search, and I found the above link.

And wow, fanboys are very silly. Four pages of arguing about astromech linguistic needs, their technical requirements, etc. Reminds me of the little idiot who got upset that vampires written as bloodthirsty, murderous fiends might not be the *gasp* bestest of sparklypoo boyfriends. They have their own idea of what makes the universe tick and by God, there shall be no deviation from this, and heaven help you if you disagree. I would say that "at least the fangirls are less prone to the powerful unleashing of the kraken of namecalling", but no, the fangirls usually just get more passive aggressive about it.

I always figured Luke got so in tune with the force that after awhile he was simply able to understand R2.

I also always wanted to write a Star Wars fic. Not a big one. Maybe a good one-shot with some action. That would be a nice way to open it. Just to emphasize how weirdly different Luke can be.

Han muses. He talks to droids. He talks to *astromech* droids.

That and he totally plays with models (it's in the first flick, Luke's got a model...). Imagine if you had the force and you still loved playing with those things, wouldn't you play out epic space battles with "pew pew pew" noises?

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