KC (kc_anathema) wrote,

Drabble: Under the Stairs

Under the Stairs
by KC

Fandom: HP
Rating: G
Prompt: Harry is locked in his cupboard for the first time, from tulleskirt

After an hour of crying dwindled to a few minutes of sniffling and muted whimpers, Harry knuckled his tears away and looked around himself. There was little to see. The scant light from the grill glowed on the edges of the steps above him and gleamed on the spider webs. He put his hand in the light and let it spill through his fingers, then scooped up as much as he could in his fist. Clutching it tight to his chest, he curled up on the floor and pressed himself into the corner. He didn't try to sneak a glimpse of the light he held. It was enough to know it was there.
Tags: drabble, hp fic
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